Based on the MVC framework

All PureWeb sites are written in the standard Model View Controller design pattern to keep the business logic blackboxed from the content. This keeps development techniques simple, organised, offers the best scalability, ease of modification and maintenance.

Extensible through modules

PureWeb have modules already written and ready to go for a large variety of data types and with built in helper classes as well PureWeb is easy to understand at a glace but extremely powerful when you look under the hood. Your website shall be built in an encapsulated core directory.


Our wide range of pre-built templates give your content creators a wide variety of options to lay the content as they want it without having to rely on wysiywig editors. PureWeb's design studio are able to lay out new page designs if you wish to have a bespoke design. Alternatively we are happy to receive designs from other agencys to integrateshould you wish to take advantage of the benefits of PureWeb CMS 

Page Load Speed

People are impatient so slower pages equals increased abandonment, recent research suggests that over 45% of users expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less. PureWeb use the latest cacheing techniques and database optimisations to ensure your pages are delivered fast and accuratly all over the world.


For more information on our PureWeb CMS Content Management System please call us on 0800 917 3255. Alternatively email us at or use our contact us form.