Quickly update your content

With PureWeb CMS you can quickly make changes to your content or add fresh information that search engines crave. Your changes are made instantly and can be made from anywhere you have access to a web browser and you do not need to understand any code.

SEO control that hit the mark

With straight forward access to page titles, meta keywords and descriptions you have control over all aspects of your SEO campaigns and should you want to change anything later PureWeb CMS can automatically handle the technical details of making those changes without you giving it a second thought.

Full Google Analytics integration

Every PureWeb CMS site comes with the best in class Google Analytics to provide complete feedback on your traffic, where it comes from, which content is popular and what you need to do to maximise traffic. eCommerce sites also recieve an additional range of statistic trackers to monitor popular products, sales margins and promotion usage to give you the complete picture. 

Email marketing integration

Working with selected partners PureWeb offers a complete email marketing package to create, send and track email marketing, with built in A/B testing, social networking functionaility, auto responders, personalised content and cross patform previews its the complete package for all of your email marketing needs.

Easy to use content editor

We know that WYSWIG will always produce code that increase page load time, drecreases you code quality and therefore affects your google ranking, which is why we have tried to keep them to a minimum. PureWeb is able to offer you a selection of page templates to use as layouts although many clients choose to use our in house design studio for a bespoke design.

Built In Social media 

Our suite of social media tools give you options to add facebook and twitter feeds and buttons along with share buttons for 100's of the most popular social networks so your content gains maximum visibility.

Pre-built functionality so you don't have to reinvent the wheel

Get up and running quickly with our massive assortment of prebuilt page types, from blogs to calendars, galleries to contact forms we have a wide variety of prebuilt content blocks that can be customised with CSS to get the finished product that you are looking for.


For more information on our PureWeb CMS Content Management System please call us on 0800 917 3255. Alternatively email us at or use our contact us form.