PureWeb are happy to receive Referrals from any individual or company who feel that we are in a position to work with a potential or existing client or theirs. If we undertake the referred project we will reward you through a commission which will be dependant upon the size, complexity and value of the job. We are happy to consider taking on any size of job as we look at the potential of building valuable relationships in the future.

It is essential that your contact mentions your business at the earliest point of contact with us to enable us to connect them to you.

  1. The referral scheme applies to all of PureWeb's services including hosting plans but excludes maintenance plans, administration charges and any third-party costs.
  2. PureWeb clients have the choice to use their referral rewards as credit for future development work or simply have a transfer of a commision into their bank.
  3. PureWeb will confirm the details to a referer of any referral agreement at the earliest convenience of a project being agreed with the referrers contact. PureWeb upon completion of the anywork undertaken within a project will ask the referrer of their preferred choice of payment or credit.
  4. Should any work or development project be cancelled any referral reward will be no longer be valid. Notice will be provided accordingly.
  5. PureWeb shall make any Referral payment by bank transfer within 30 days from the receipt of payment from the client upon completion of a projects full completion date.


For more information on the PureWeb Referral Scheme please call us on 0800 917 3255. Alternatively email us at or use our contact us form.